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      Citizens' Charter

      UCO BANK
      10, B.T.M. SARANI

      CALCUTTA-700 001

      February 13, 2001

      Dear Customer,

      Our Commitment to Customers had led us to publish a code of fair banking practices which was also named "Our Commitment to Customers". This booklet was brought out in January 1998 along with general terms and conditions of our services. That was the Golden Jubilee Year of our Independence.

      The new millennium coincides with the process of opening of the economy and holds out for all of us a future, which is emerging. In keeping with it UCO Bank is also reorganising its services around the emerging needs of the customers. Consequently there is a need and UCO Bank has rewritten its "Code of Fair Banking Practices" which is being published under the name and style "Citizens' Charter".

      We have committed for zero corruption services and full transparency in the terms and conditions of our services. We have also committed for time bound amelioration of your grievances. We have Nodal Officers at all the regional offices reporting to Chief Nodal Officer, an ex-officio assignment for General Manager, Planning & Development, who would ensure that your complaints are dealt with properly and in time.

      We have also added certain 'Dos' on your part which will enable us to protect your interest and facilitate us in extending our services. In the coming days we are likely to see in the banking industry a lot of new products and different types of services which will necessitate further improvement in the "Charter". We would always eagerly look forward to your suggestions to make our services more effective and useful for you and we trust that we will receive valued suggestions and guidance as we proceed further in orientating our services towards your requirements.

      I take this opportunity to convey my best wishes to you.
      Thanking you,
      Yours sincerely,

      Chairman & Managing Director







      Zero corruption

      Common Practices followed by our Branches

      Fair Banking Practices

      Common areas of Customer-Banker relationship :

      Opening of New Deposit Accounts

      Terms and Conditions Governing our Services

      Confidentiality of Customer Information

      Interest Payable

      Interest and Other Charges Receivable

      Our Lending Programmes

      International Finance

      Marketing of our Services

      Pension Payments

      Service Charges

      Remittance and Collection Services

      Locker and Safe Custody Facility


      Redressal of Customer's Grievances :

      The Bank gives top priority to quick and effective settlement of all customer complaints. Detailed guidelines in this regard have been issued to Branch Managers and Regional Offices.

      To enable the customers to voice their grievances or offer suggestions for improvement in customer service, "Customer Day" is observed at all the offices of the Bank across the organisation covering branches, Regional Offices and Head Office on 15th of every month (next day, if 15th is a holiday or half-day). During specified hours on this day any customer can meet senior/top executives of the Bank including Chairman & Managing Director without prior appointment.

      In case of any complaint, the matter may be first brought to the notice of concerned branch manager for immediate redressal. If the complaint is not redressed to the satisfaction of the customer within 15 days, the matter may be taken up with the designated Nodal Officer in the respective Regional Office. The Nodal Officer at the Regional Office will reply to the complainant within 15 days of his having received the same.

      If the complainant still feels unsatisfied with the responses received, he can address his complaint to the bank's Chief Nodal Officer at Head Office designated to deal with customers' complaints/grievances giving full details of the case. The Nodal Officer at Head Office will give a well-reasoned reply to the complainant concerned. This will be the final reply of the Bank in the said case.

      It will be the endeavour of the Bank to redress complaints within a total period of 45 days. After exhausting all the above channels, if the customer is not satisfied, he may write to the following:

      • Directorate of Public Grievances, Govt. of India, Cabinet Secretariat, Sansad Marg, New Delhi.
      • The Banking Ombudsman located in State Capitals under RBI Ombudsman Scheme, 1995.
      • The District Consumer Forum under Consumer Protection Act, 1985.

      The addresses/telecommunication details/E-mail address of Regional Offices, Head Office are given in annexure - B.




      ANNEXURE : Addresses of RBI Issue Offices and their Jurisdiction

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