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Policy on Centralized Grievances Redressal Mechanisms for Govt. Pensioners


In the present scenario of the competitive banking, excellence in customer service is the most important tool for sustained business growth. Customer complaints are part of the business life for any corporate entity.

Payment of pension is a very significant segment in the competitive banking. A pensioner is a person who after completing his tenure of employment undergoes a change in activity one of which is generally known as retirement. Majority of the pensioners are senior citizens to whom bank has an obligation to fulfill.

It was felt necessary to address the issue of complaints from the pensioners so that a time bound redressal may be effected to the satisfaction of the complainant.

The policy guidelines for Grievance Redressal Mechanism for Govt. Pensioners are based upon the undernoted basic principles:

  • Pensioners be treated fairly at all times;
  • Complaints raised by pensioners are dealt with courtesy with a minimum loss of time;
  • Pensioners should be fully informed of avenues available for registering their complaints/grievances within the organization and all their rights to alternative remedy, if they are fully satisfied with the response of the Bank;
  • Bank would treat all complaints efficiently and fairly;
  • Bank employees should work in good faith and without prejudice to the interest of the pensioner;
  • Awareness of staff members in respect of the need to minimize pensioners’ grievances.

Therefore, the intention of this policy is to -

  • Correcting mistakes as early as possible and ensuring non-recurrence of such mistakes;
  • Addressing the complaints promptly;
  • Letting the pensioner know to take his complaint forward  in case he is not satisfied with the primary response from the  Bank;
  • Providing suitable alternative avenues to mitigate problems arising out of technological failure.

Redressal Mechanism

  • Complaints: This policy provides for receipt of complaints and acknowledgement there against  to the pensioner in a structured manner as under :-
    • The complaints can be filed at the Toll Free No. directly to Centralized Pension Paying Centre(CPPC) and shall be provided  Call ID immediately.
    • Besides, Toll Free No the complaints can be lodged  through a dedicated e-mail address /Bank’s Website exclusively for pensioners or by Post ;
    • Unique Receipt No will be provided immediately to the pensioner if complaint is lodged in the Website ;
    • Pensioner will also be able to lodge complaints through Telephone with CPPC and shall be provided Call ID immediately.
  • The complaint structure  should contain following information –
    • Name of Pensioner/Family  pensioner
    • Pension sanctioning authority
    • PPO No
    • Date of Birth/Date of death of the original pensioner (In case of family pensioner)
    • Class of Pension i.e. Superannuation/family/Invalid/voluntary
    • Name of the pension drawing branch
    • S/B A/c No.(Single/Joint)
    • Present address of the Pensioner
    • Telephone/Mobile No. & E-mail ID, if any
    • Details of grievance
  • Internal machinery to handle pensioners’ complaints /grievances

    A pensioner can lodge a complaint in writing to CPPC , a Branch, Zonal Office or Head Office under this policy. Complaints can also be lodged with the  Toll Free Helpline No. of the Bank as well as with CPPC , over telephone with CPPC, Pensioners Care e-mail ID or any other mode as convenient to him/her. When a complaint is received through Telephone or Website, immediate Call ID would be provided to the pensioner. Other than this, an acknowledgement would be sent within three days from the date of receipt.

    Complaints received from Central Govt./State Govt., Ministries, Govt. Departments, Reserve Bank of India Member of Parliament and Legislative Councils  will be recorded separately with intent to resolve within a time period of 30 days from the date of receipt. Bank, however would not take cognizance of anonymous and unsigned complaints.

  • Time frame

    CPPC will arrange to resolve the complaints within a period of 15 days from the date of receipt. If unable to resolve, CPPC will escalate the complaint to the next higher authority i.e. Head Office, Operations and Services Dept. Head Office will endeavour to resolve the matter within next fifteen days. The time frame for the resolution of the complaint should be thirty days from the date of receipt of the complaint at any level or taking together all the tiers. CPPC will take all necessary steps to redress the complaint within the time frame. If unable to resolve due to reasons beyond control, CPPC shall refer it to CPAO with full intimation to the complainant.

    In case a complaint cannot be resolved within the above mentioned time frame, pensioners will be informed as to why more time is needed for redressal with reasons. If the pensioner is not satisfied with such response, he may approach Banking Ombudsman for necessary redressal under the Banking Ombudsman Scheme 2006 or internal Ombudsman, if any. A copy of the Banking Ombudsman Scheme, 2006 is displayed on the Bank's Website.

  • CPPC /Branch Level Pensioners Committee

    In order to encourage communication between pensioners and the Bank at branch level, branch will initiate necessary steps for setting up of such Committee preferably. Branch while calling the branch level Customers Service Committee Meet would also invite pensioners including senior citizen pensioners. Such committee would meet at least once in a month to open channel of communication, receive suggestions, and discuss cases of delays and difficulties faced by the pensioners as well as complaints, if any. The Meet must discuss ways and means of improving developing service level to the pensioners, keeping in mind the level of comfort needed by senior citizens.

    CPPC shall constitute Pensioner’s Committee consisting of local pensioners, Senior Citizens, high Govt. officials dealing with pension matters including from Defence Department and high officials from local Zonal Office.  CPPC will conduct one meeting every month and shall forward valuable suggestions to Head Office, Operations and Services Department.

  • Nodal officers and other designated officers to handle complaints/grievances

    This also provides for appointment of Nodal officers in the rank of General Manager or its equivalent for the implementation of policy provision of Pensioners Grievance Redressal Mechanism for the entire bank. The policy therefore, designates Nodal officer for the Customer Care as the Nodal officer for pensioner’s complaints /Grievances Redressal Mechanism. Zonal Office, Nagpur has already appointed Customer Relations Officer who would now also handle pensioner’s complaints/grievances in respect of CPPC. In case of  the Pensioners belongs to area other than the local area , Customer Relations Officer at Zonal Office, Nagpur would immediately contact his counterpart in the respective Zonal Office to redress the complaint within the given time frame. The Pensioners’ Cell is to be created exclusively  at CPPC Nagpur to look after pension matters as well as complaints and grievances from pensioners.

  • Mandatory display requirements

    The policy proposes to arrange to display information on the following aspects -

    1. Proper arrangement for receiving complaints/suggestions through Bank’s Website, exclusively for the pensioners;

    2. Name , address and Contact No. of the Nodal Officer  has already been displayed in the Bank’s Website;

    3. Contact details of Banking Ombudsman  of the area;

  • Rights to the pensioners under this policy
    1. To receive an acknowledgement  within three days with  the unique reference No/Call ID;

    2. Pensioner’s complaint would be resolved within a period of four weeks from the date of its receipt. In case resolution of the complaints needs more time, the Bank should inform pensioner about the need of more time with reasons.

  • Resolution  Mechanism

    CPPC/Branch Manager is responsible for resolution of the complaints/grievances in respect of pension matters. He would be responsible for ensuring closer of the complaints received at the branch. It would be his foremost duty to get the complaints resolved completely to the satisfaction of the pensioners. If the pensioner is not satisfied, he would suggest remedial measures, alternative avenues to escalate the complaints. If the CPPC/Branch Manager feels that it is not possible to resolve the complaint at his level, he would immediately refer it to the concerned Customer Relations Officer at Zonal Office for guidance. If the CPPC/Zonal Office also finds that it is not able to solve the complaint, it would escalate such complaints to its next higher authority i.e. Nodal Officer at Head Office without any delay.

  • Sensitizing operating staff on handling complaints

    Staff would be properly trained for handling complaints. The Bank is dealing with people and hence difference of opinion and areas of friction can arise. With an open mind and smile on the face the bank's staff would be able to win the customer's confidence. It would be the responsibility of the Nodal Officers to ensure that internal machinery for handling complaints/grievances operates smoothly and efficiently at all levels. They should give feedback on training needs of staff at various levels to the HR Dept. of the Bank.

  • Maintenance of Customer’s Day every month at all level of the Bank

    A particular date and period of time, at least once in a month would be kept aside at the level of the CPPC, Branch Manager, Zonal Manager and Senior Executives at Head Office for interaction with the Pensioners. This would provide enough room for the pensioners to ventilate their problems which would take care of many minor complaints as well as minimize dissatisfaction against the Bank at the grass root level.

  • Maintenance of Complaint Box/Register

    All offices & branches of the Bank would maintain a complaint box/Register where pensioners/customers can drop their complaints. The complaint box would be placed in a suitable position where it would be easily visible and identifiable.

  • Amendment of the modification of Policy :

    Bank reserves the right to amend/modify this policy as and when deem fit and proper, at its sole discretion.


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