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UPI : Latest payment solution via smartphone

UCO bank has launched Unified Payment System (UPI) - under the guidance of NPCI to take forward the India's vision of migrating towards a "less-cash" and more digital society. The UPI works on the unique idea of "virtual payment address (VPA) "-like anand@uco. Customer need to share his/her virtual address only to pay/collect the money. Bank account is always hidden.

The UPI is a unique interface, which works 24x7 across the banking system and is instant, safe, secure, cost-effective and convenient to use. The silent features of UPI :-

  • UPI enables to make payment seamless and instant by needing the payee to only remember a virtual payment address (VPA).
  • The UPI allows to make payments directly from bank account so one need not to pre-load money in wallets that does not pay interest on the balance.
  • The UPI allows to pay different merchants without the hassle of typing card details or net banking credentials.
  • Money transfer is instantly between accounts with different banks.
  • Money transfer with UPI is secured with a two factor authentication (2FA) – the first factor being the phone and the mobile PIN the second.
  • The UPI is capable of peer-to-peer transfers as well as peer to merchant transactions including the option for merchants/service providers to ask for money.

UPI registration and procedure flow:

STEP 1> Installation of App from Google Play Store "UCO-UPI".
STEP 2> Registration of Profile (During registration Virtual Address is to be created: Virtual Address is the single identity through which money can be Paid/Collected)
step1-2 STEP 3> Add Bank Account (Please select the Bank where Account is maintained - Subject to the mobile number must be same i.e. registered in the Bank account and where the UPI app is downloaded).
STEP 4> Set UPI Credentials by given Debit Card Details (For doing the transactions UPI credentials is to be set). step1-2
step1-2 STEP 5> Balance Enquiry
STEP 6> Payment / Collect Request


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